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Rent Shelf Space

If you would like to become a resident on our website and drive more traffic to your own website, social media or Etsy shop, why not rent shelf space for your products!

Shelf space is rented on a 12 monthly basis. After 11 months we will email you to ask if you would like to renew.

If you are an MLM business please email [email protected] to check availability before booking. We only allow one rep from each company so you will have exclusivity on this website for 12 months.

Shelf Space cost –

* 1 item – £10
* 2 items – £15
* 4 items – £20
* 6 items – £30
* MLM Businesses – 10 items and exclusivity for a year – £100

Please send us –

* Photos of your items
* The price for each item
* Link to your own website or social media (wherever customers can purchase the item or contact you to complete their purchase)

Please send them via email to [email protected] or Facebook messenger to Ultimate Girls Night Out – Shopping, Pamper and Psychic Nights Facebook

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